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Why NetCare Is So Valuable & Needed Right Now By Small Businesses

Yesterday CNBC ran an article that highlights the importance of protecting your business identity online. Titled “Closed, Says Google, but Shops’ Signs Say Open,” it begins with the story of a coffee shop that was erroneously listed online as “permanently closed”:

Coffee Rules Lounge was listed for a few days as “permanently closed” on Google Maps. During that time, anyone searching for a latte on a smartphone, for instance, would have assumed the store was a goner.”  … “‘We’re not far from Interstate 70,’ said Mr. Rule, ‘and I have no doubt that a lot of people running up and down that highway just skipped us.'”

“In recent months, plenty of perfectly healthy businesses across the country have expired — sometimes for hours, other times for weeks — though only in the online realm cataloged and curated by Google. The reason is that it is surprisingly easy to report a business as closed in Google Places, the search giant’s version of the local Yellow Pages.”

The article later reveals, “Search engine consultants say that ‘closing’ a business on Google has become an increasingly common tactic among unscrupulous competitors,” and it’s a big problem: “Many owners, search consultants say, have no idea that they’ve been shuttered online.

NetCare solves the problem that exists for millions of local business owners losing or having compromised information online without their knowledge or consent, along with not being listed or being incorrectly listed online.  NetCare is a powerful tool to insure that local businesses not only have accurate information online, but that their online business identity is not compromised by the negligent or nefarious actions of others.

Learn more by reading this 6-page NetCare Overview brochure.  And contact us to take care of your online identity with NetCare!


Closed, Says Google, but Shops’ Signs Say Open

Published: Tuesday, 6 Sep 2011 | 10:29 AM ET
By: David Segal
The New York Times

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